Program Directory

Program Leadership

Peter J. Zed, Executive Program Lead
Barbara Gobis, Privacy Officer and Program Lead
Lauren Allard, Project and Information Manager

Quality Care

Jillian Reardon, Coordinator, Quality Care
Khazzandra Rodriguez, Training Facilitator

PCCP Administrative Support

Umberto Lombos, Manager, Pharmacists Clinic
Anuradha Dhavan, UBC Medical Office Assistant - Team Lead
Elham Esfahani, UBC Medical Office Assistant
Lucy Li, UBC Medical Office Assistant 
Daisy Zhao, UBC Medical Office Assistant

Community Engagement

Parkash Ragsdale, Coordinator, Primary Care
Kate McCammon, Site Coordinator - Team Lead
Ana Arciniega, Site Coordinator
Megan Ruddell, Site Coordinator
Tricia Smerch-Raeburn, Site Coordinator


Danielle Florence, Communications Manager

Human Resources

Cheryl Yip, Human Resources Coordinator

Program Evaluation

Arwa Nemir, Research Coordinator
Jasmina Geldman, Research Coordinator