UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences publishes white paper on pharmacists and team-based primary health care in BC

Today, the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of British Columbia (UBC) publishes “A White Paper on Team-Based Primary Health Care in British Columbia – Context and Opportunities for Pharmacists.” This document is written for practising pharmacists to bring them up to speed on the province-wide primary health care strategy being developed and implemented in BC by a large group of health stakeholders including the Ministry of Health and regional Health Authorities. This strategy includes new roles for some pharmacists and will enhance the ability of all BC pharmacists to contribute their knowledge and skills for the benefit of British Columbians.
For the past 20 years, pharmacy in BC and across Canada has been in a state of change to align pharmacist roles and scope with the growing needs of patients and society. Pharmacists today have the training, skills and abilities to meet these needs through the provision of Comprehensive Medication Management (CMM), which includes: 1) patient assessment; 2) identification and prioritization of drug therapy problems (DTPs); 3) collaborative care plans; and 4) follow up to resolve DTPs and optimize drug therapy outcomes for patients.

“Pharmacists face a number of challenges in our rapidly changing health care system, regardless of where they currently practice,” explains Dr. Peter Zed, professor and associate dean, practice innovation, UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences. “With challenges also come opportunities, and individual pharmacists can position themselves for future success by focusing on three key areas in their current practice.”

According to Dr. Zed, these areas are: 1) maintaining a collaborative mind-set; 2) asking patients what they want and need; and 3) practicing to their fullest possible scope to meet patient needs in their current practice. Practical strategies for these three key areas are presented in this paper.

“This white paper is a foundational document that does not exist elsewhere” says Barbara Gobis, director, UBC Pharmacists Clinic. “It contains practical information for pharmacists and student pharmacists across BC and other provinces in Canada.”

“We are proud to publish this important paper at the start of Pharmacists Awareness Month,” says Dean Michael Coughtrie, UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences. “Generating awareness of the essential role that pharmacists play in the health care system is needed now more than ever, and we are committed to helping advance the profession forward.”

After reading the white paper, pharmacists will be able to review their current practice, identify ways they can rethink about their roles and increase their contributions to patient care.

To read more about “A White Paper on Team-Based Primary HealthCare in British Columbia – Context and Opportunities for Pharmacists” and download a copy, click here.