Update on the Transition of Pharmacists in Primary Care Network Program

From UBC Pharmacists in PCN Program, the BC Ministry of Health, and PHSA

The UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences has developed and led the three-year provincial implementation of the Pharmacists in PCN Program, which commenced October 1, 2020. The goal over this period was to integrate Primary Care Pharmacists into PCNs across the province to provide comprehensive medication management services to patients with complex conditions. The three-year program implementation will be completed on September 30, 2023. The Ministry is working closely with the UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences and other partners to transition operational aspects of this program to ensure continuity of patient care. 

As part of the transition, the Ministry will continue to oversee strategic direction and policy development in collaboration with PCN leadership. Provincial Health Services Authority will be responsible for applying provincial operational oversight. Regional health authorities will provide supervisory and clinical support to the pharmacists, including collaborating with PCN leadership to support the hiring process and other human resources activities. This arrangement will undergo continuous refinement to ensure alignment with the evolving PCN governance structure.

The transition will not impact the role or current positions of Primary Care Pharmacists. They will continue to work closely with primary care providers and PCN staff to provide pharmaceutical care in a team-based setting. 

Certain operational components, such as electronic health records and workflow, are currently being reviewed for potential changes. In the event of any modifications, the Ministry will actively collaborate with local health authorities and PCN leadership to ensure the availability of appropriate tools, facilitating a smooth transition. Further communication and engagement with all partners are being planned by the Ministry team and will be communicated once details are available.