Year One Highlights

Since 2014, the Pharmacists Clinic at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of British Columbia (UBC) has been developing and refining a service model for pharmacists to deliver pharmaceutical care to patients while co-located in medical clinics. This same model is being used in the Pharmacists in Primary Care Network (PCN) Program (the Program) to give patients better access to pharmacists within care teams.  

Upon completion of the Program’s first year, UBC has published Year One Highlights: 2020–2021, a document that features milestones, achievements and areas of development to date.  

Highlights include: hiring 23 Primary Care Clinical Pharmacists (PCCPs), supporting the pharmacists in building their patient care practices, launching a training program on shared patient care for all pharmacists called Pharmacists Aligned in Shared Care Teams (PACT), and engaging with 273 community pharmacies located within the PCNs.  

“The first year of Program implementation has been completed and not without the significant collaborative efforts of the UBC Program team working with our partners to achieve all of the goals of year 1,” says Dr. Peter J. Zed, professor and executive program lead.  

“We look forward to the work ahead and continuing our focus on improving health outcomes for patients by having a pharmacist as a member of their primary health care team in the evolving PCNs across our province.”  

To download the Year One Highlights document, click here.

This Program is funded by the BC Ministry of Health and implemented in collaboration with regional health authorities, Divisions of Family Practice and other community stakeholders.  

To learn more about pharmacists in team-based primary care, please click here

To learn more about the Program, please click here