Frequently Asked Questions

A general FAQ on the Pharmacists in PCN Program, prepared by the Ministry of Health and published August 2021, is available here

As the program develops, additional FAQs will be added here:

How can I find out if a Primary Care Clinical Pharmacist (PCCP) is available in my community? 
  • You can find a map of PCCPs hired here
  • Visit the Divisions of Family Practice website here
How can I refer a patient to a PCCP?  

In the early stages of the Pharmacists in PCN Program, access to a PCCP may be limited to referrals from select family physicians and nurse practitioners.  As the program evolves, other health care providers may be able to refer patients or patients may be able to self-refer to a PCCP. For more information, visit the Divisions of Family Practice website

If a PCCP is not available in your community, patients can be referred to their usual community pharmacist or a request for an appointment with an expert pharmacist can be made to the UBC Pharmacists Clinic.